NPPG Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

The NPPG wishes to support the set up and activities of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) on behalf of it’s members. The purpose of these groups is to help facilitate appropriate and efficient use of medicines and pharmaceutical care in the neonatal and paediatric population. In order to be recognised as a SIG they must have a nominated chair, Terms of Reference (in line with the aims of the NPPG) and a listed membership comprising a minimum of twenty NPPG members.

  • Financial or secretarial support may be requested from the NPPG to support SIGs for meetings, projects or study days (all referred to from this point on as “activities”).
  • SIG chairs must contact the NPPG Professional Secretary (on behalf of the NPPG Committee) early on in the planning phase of any activity with the title, learning objectives, venue, date, sponsors, delegate numbers and financial plan.
  • The Committee will ensure that the activity is in line with the NPPG objectives and that the content, sponsors, venue, date are in keeping with the ethos of the NPPG.
  • All learning activities should be submitted to NPPG for accreditation.
  • Events should be budgeted with a financial plan and aim to break even. The NPPG will underwrite the financial plans of study days run under their logo.
  • A short activity report should be sent to the NPPG Committee within 3 months of the event. This will be shared with the full NPPG Committee and edited for inclusion in the NPPG newsletter.
  • The NPPG has access to administrative staff who will be able to support organisers with their events. Support can come in the form of advertising, contacting speakers, room and catering booking, organising feedback forms, photocopying handouts etc.
  • There is an allocated budget of £2000/annum total assigned to support NPPG SIGs. Large projects with greater budgets will be considered on an individual basis.
  • Full activity plans must be signed off by the NPPG committee prior to guaranteed NPPG support.
  • Activities must have a time frame for completion.
  • Prolonged activities may have time factored payments agreed.
  • Proof of expenditure will be required wherever possible or substantive invoices presented.

A discussion and education group for NPPG members who work in neonatal pharmacy, whether intensive care or special care.
Aims of the group include education for neonatal pharmacists and identifying gaps in product supply for suitable medicines. A series of study days is in development

Online message board – members only

Peter Mulholland (Scotland)
Amanda Bevan (South West)
Neil Caldwell (North West)
Zoe Price (Bristol)
Sian Gaze (London)

Competencies for pharmacists covering Neonatal Intensive Care

The NPPG PCC sub-group is for pharmacists working clinically within paediatric critical care. The group is intended as a networking opportunity to share practice and to provide support for pharmacists new to the speciality.

The aim of the group is to be made up of at least one named pharmacist for each PCC unit within the UK, and to provide an annual meeting for members.

The link with the paediatric intensive care society is key to multi-disciplinary working and promoting the profile of clinical pharmacy within the PCCU setting. This link is developing and currently mainly concerns NPPG presence on the steering group for the creation of new national standards for paediatric critical care.

Online message board – members only

Chair: Mohammed Abou Daya



Useful links

Study Days

Annual reports

Chair : Emma Williams

Aim: To facilitate appropriate and efficient use of medicines and pharmaceutical care for patients under the care of paediatric and neonatal gastroenterology.

Study Day

A virtual study morning will be held on the 17th June 2022 from 9am to 1pm.

Presentations and discussions will include:
• The medical management of IBD – come with your questions!
• The future of IBD
• Living with IBD and parenting IBD from a patient expert


  • To support, promote and advise on delivery of best pharmaceutical care to paediatric and neonatal patients who:
    • Have inflammatory bowel disease OR
    • Have intestinal failure OR
    • Are on parenteral nutrition OR
    • Are treated under a gastroenterology team OR
    • Are treated under a hepatology team
  • To maintain a network and provide a platform for paediatric pharmacy staff with an interest in paediatric and neonatal gastroenterology to enhance management of children’s medicines.
  • To represent and champion paediatric gastroenterology pharmacy within the NPPG.
  • To develop and maintain links with other national gastroenterology groups.
  • To develop educational resources and signpost to resources developed by other providers.
  • To assist NPPG committee responses to national consultations.
  • To encourage research in the area of paediatric and neonatal gastroenterology


  • Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Paediatric Gastroenterology
  • Paediatric PN
  • Neonatal PN (for babies in DGH, term babies, surgical babies, babies on PICU)
  • Paediatric Hepatology


  • Meetings: Steering group meeting quarterly.
  • Online forum on NPPG message board to be created. – click here (members only)
  • Study days: 1 full day study day twice a year OR ½ day study day 4 times per year. Topics may include:
    • Paediatric inflammatory bowel disease
    • Paediatric gastroenterology
    • Paediatric and neonatal PN

Terms of reference

Aim: To provide expert advice on efficient use of medicines in children with respiratory illness and be the source of support for whole NPPG network within this specialist area

Terms of reference including objectives

Chair: Andrew Lilley (Lead Pharmacist – Respiratory Alder Hey)

A virtual RIG study day will be held on the 29th June 2022 from 2-5pm.

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