2001 Glasgow

The 2001 conference took place in Glasgow from 28-30 Sept
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Plenary session


Clinical pearls


  1. Monitoring cost and treatment adherence by centralising prescribing and supply of Growth Hormone in secondary care
  2. Building a sub organization for Scandinavian Pharmacists – Our Possibilities to interact with the members of NPPG
  3. The Design of Patient Information Leaflets Suitable for use in Paediatric Haematology Patients Heather Gallagher, Senior Technician. Yorkhill NHS Trust
  4. Supporting the therapeutic orphan -what we can offer you. DIAL – a national paediatric medicines resource
  5. An Assessment of the Suitability of Bloomsbury® Standard Neonatal Parenteral Nutrition Solutions in Comparison with Individually Tailored Solutions at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
  6. Expanding the role of paediatric pharmacy technicians
  7. A study to investigate the stability of reconstituted Etanercept maximising cost effectiveness and patient access through multi-agency co-operation
  8. The impact of a technician working in medicines information in a specialist paediatric hospital
  9. Re-engineering of paediatric dispensary services and development of competency based programmes for pharmacy staff at Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Trust
  10. Pharmacy and Nurse Drug Interventions
  11. Inhaled iloprost for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension
  12. Prescription survey of unlicensed and off label medicines in paediatrics at Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children
  13. An Indirect Response Model of Homocysteine Suppression by Betaine: Optimising the dosage regime of betaine in homocysteinuria
  14. Risk management issues in the use of over the counter medicines in children
  15. Management of Paediatric Poisonings In Southern Derbyshire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
  16. Impact of a Ward Pharmacist on Medication Errors in PICU
  17. Pharmacokinetics of oral midazolam in children
  18. Gentamicin Pharmacokinetics in Neonatal ECMO Patients: Optimisation of dosing
  19. A rational method to prepare TPN for children
  20. Should women using SSRIs breast feed?