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About Affiliated and Regional Groups

The NPPG wishes to assist and support the set up and activities of Affiliated Groups (both National topic specific groups and Regional groups). The purpose of these groups is to help facilitate appropriate and efficient use of medicines and pharmaceutical care in the neonatal and paediatric population.

Affiliated Groups must have a nominated chair (and in the case of regional groups there must also be a link person from the NPPG committee), Terms of Reference (in line with the aims of the NPPG) should be maintained as should be a listed membership. There should also be a list of non-NPPG member who belong to affiliated groups, though any non-NPPG members should be encouraged to join NPPG..

Advice and endorsement may be requested from the NPPG committee to support affiliated groups for meetings, projects or study days (all referred to from this point on as “activities”).

  • Affiliated Group Chairs must contact their NPPG Committee link early on in the planning phase of any activity with the title, learning objectives, venue, date, sponsors and delegate numbers.
  • The Committee will ensure that the activity is in line with the NPPG objectives and that the content, sponsors, venue and date are in keeping with the ethos of the NPPG.
  • A short activity report should be sent to the NPPG Committee within four weeks of the event. This will be shared with the full NPPG Committee and edited for inclusion in the NPPG newsletter