NPPG Position Statement on drug treatments for COVID-19 in children in the UK 2nd April 2020

Clinical papers and information is starting to emerge regarding the use of various medications that could potentially be used to treat COVID-19 e.g hydroxychloroquine, antiretrovirals and interferon. The current UK position is that any medications for this purpose must be used within a clinical trial or compassionate use program

To avoid duplication of work with regards to management of paediatric COVID-19 patients, NPPG and PICU pharmacists are contributing and supporting current guidance being developed by clinicians and pharmacists at Great Ormond Street Hospital (pharmacist contact

A weekly webinar is also being hosted by the Infectious Diseases team at the Evelina hospital to discuss the current situation for paediatrics.

The COVID-19 section of the NPPG message board will provide further information for pharmacists. During this current situation, some paediatric pharmacists will also be moving to support adult services and be less available to support various professional groups. Jenny Gray ( is available to be contacted if you require any support for paediatric critical care

Clinical pharmacy for critical care NPPG Paediatric Critical Care Group package

These links below are provided for information only. None of these sites are under the control of NPPG and as such NPPG cannot be responsible for any actions taken as a result of these links.

Recovery trial

  • RECOVERY (COVID-19/PIMS-TS) Trial website – no password/registration needed.  All up to date documents, protocol etc is available here – frequent amendments!  Paediatric appendix 3 contains dosing information.

Recent guidance /links relating to COVID-19


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