Diana Mowbray

I have worked at Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust (a DGH) in my current job since 1999.  I cover Paediatrics and Neonates, with 12 paediatric beds, a 10 bedded assessment unit, a 2 bedded HDU and a neonatal unit of 14cots (2 of which are intensive and 5 are HDU)

The Trust has very close links with Sheffield Children’s Hospital (SCH), just across the M1.  Any child requiring PICU would be transferred to them.  I found it quite isolating at first as the sole pharmacist covering children in a DGH until I forged the links at the Children’s hospital.  Now I can tap into their expertise any time there is anything outside of the DGH’s comfort zone, and SCH are great with their support!

I joined NPPG in 1999 when I started this job, and was voted onto the committee at conference in 2006.  As a DGH Pharmacist I found it quite daunting to see all the influential committees NPPG has a seat on, and all the background work that goes on behind the scenes within the NHS as a whole.

I sit on the conference sub-group of NPPG and was appointed NPPG treasurer in 2008 which means I am now part of the executive committee of NPPG.  This also means I have a seat on the Paediatric Publications Board (together with the NPPG Chair) and am a director of RCPCH Publications ltd working on the strategic development of the BNFc together with our other partners (BMJ and RPS).  I also at this point took on the responsibility of being one of the directors for NPPG ltd.

In my private life I like to cycle, scuba dive, travel and do DIY, whilst also enjoying a bottle of wine or 2 (not at the same time!).