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NPPG Research grant presentation

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1 Educational Interventions to Reduce Paediatric Prescribing Errors Sattam Alenezi; Helen Sammons; Sharon Conroy University of Nottingham
2 Short-Course Oral Corticosteroid Toxicity in Children Fahad Aljebab; Imti Choonara; Sharon Conroy University of Nottingham
3 Audit of Paediatric Sickle Pain Management and Codeine Use in Children Monsurat Shehu; Olu Wilkey; Ofran Almossawi North Middlesex University Hospital
4 Experience of the effects of caspofungin on liver function tests in neonates Adriece Alrifai; Sarah Seddon; Fiona Robertson Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
5 The role of the paediatric clinical pharmacist in reducing medication errors: a systematic literature review Sharon Conroy; Ahmed Alsenani; Helen Sammons University of Nottingham
6 An observational study of the role of the paediatric clinical pharmacist Sharon Conroy; Ahmed Alsenani; Helen Sammons University of Nottingham
7 Inter-individual variation in morphine clearance in children Mohammed Altamimi; Imti Choonara; Helen Sammons
University of Nottingham
8 Clinical Pharmacy in Paediatrics – A pilot to design and develop an effective service Elizabeth Bayles County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust
9 Designing a medicines reconciliation form specific for use in children Kevin Bazaz Clinical Pharmacist, PICU, Birmingham Children’s Hospital
10 Review of Anti-TNF Monoclonal Antibody use Amanda Bevan Southampton Children’s Hospital
11 Phenytoin dosing and level monitoring Amanda Bevan1; Habib Wardak2 Southampton Children’s Hospital1; University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust2
12 Standard or individualised gentamicin dosing for neonates? Neil Caldwell; Josh Chanin; Oliver Rackham Wirral University Teaching Hospital
13 Safety of high dose Micafungin for the treatment of fungal infections in neonates Veronica Chorro-Mari; Nanna Christiansen Barts Health NHS Trust
14 Improving the practice of prescribing folinic acid rescue post high dose methotrexate chemotherapy Claire Fosbrook
Southampton University Hospitals
15 What do doctors working in paediatrics think about switching from codeine to morphine? Andrea Gill; Gillian Jones
Alder Hey Children’s NHs Foundation Trust
16 Audit into the appropriateness of age related dose banded paracetamol for discharge Richard Goodwin; Stephen Tomlin Evelina London Children’s Hospital
17 A survey of current opinion on the suitability of the Medusa online injectable medicines guide for paediatrics and
alternative resources used at UK and Irish hospitals Jenny Gray1; Nanna Christiansen2; David Erskine3 University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust1; Barts NHS Health Trust2; Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust3
18 Introduction of an antibiotic use in pregnancy and breastfeeding guide Katherine Hall; Sobia Mahmood Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust Special Products award winner for Innovation
19 Junior doctor prescribing: Introduction of an electronic prescribing assessment Suzannah Hibberd; Rosemary Dempsey; Amanda Bevan Southampton Childrens Hospital
20 Impact of codeine restriction on post-operative pain relief prescribing Julia Dietsch; Rhian Isaac; Dannie Seddon;
Ursula Disckson Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
21 Helping to shape CQC inspections of specialist children’s trusts Farrah Khan1; Stephen Tomlin2 Royal London Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust1; Evelina London Children’s Hospital, St Thomas’ Hospital2
22 Establishing a paediatric formulary to standardise prescribing in children Farrah Khan; Sarah Garrett; Priya Patel;
Martin Hamilton-Farrell Royal London Hospital, Barts Health
23 Use of Posaconazole in infants and children for the prevention of aspergillus infection Khola Khan; Aoife Harrington; Sian Bentley; Sukeshi Makhecha Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust
24 Can dose-banding help to reduce prescribing errors in a paediatric A&E? Asma Al-Turkait1; Farrah Khan2 UCL School of Pharmacy London1; Royal London Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust2
25 Results from a nationwide cohort temporary utilization authorization (ATU) survey of patients in France treated with
Pheburane (sodium phenylbutyrate) tastemasked granules Yves Kibleur1; Dries Dobbelaere2; Nathalie Guffon3;
Magali Barth4; Anais Brassier5 Lucane Pharma1; Reference Center for Inherited Metabolic Diseases in Child and Adulthood, University Children’s Hospital Jeanne de Flandre2; Hôpital Femme – Mère – Enfant, Centre de Référence des maladies héréditaires du métabolisme3; Centre de référence maladies métaboliques – CHU Angers4; Ma.M.E.A – Centre de référence maladies métaboliques Hôpital Necker5
26 An audit evaluating adherence to anti-fungal therapy in paediatric stem cell transplant (SCT) patients Poonam Lumb
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
27 Benchmarking Neonatal Pharmacists time in the United Kingdom Abigail Mee Bristol Childrens Hospital Paediatric Chief Pharmacist
28 Postpartum pain relief management and self-medication on Post-natal ward Safia Neetoo; Ofran Almossawi North Middlesex University Hospital
29 To evaluate a protocol for prompt migration from an unlicensed to a licensed product using the NHS change model in a paediatric cardiology setting Kazeem Olalekan University Hospitals Southampton Foundation Trust
30 Delivering safe opiate infusions for analgesia in children Asia N Rashed1; Cate Whittlesea2; Virginia Aguado1; Ben Forbes3; Stephen Tomlin1 Evelina London Children’s Hospital, Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust1; Durham University2; King’s College London, King’s Health Partners3
31 Drug dose adjustments in obese paediatric patients Helen Russell; Karen Bourne Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust Special Products award winner for Best Poster
32 Midazolam for imaging procedural sedation in children: a systematic review Helen Sammons; Imti Choonara; Badriyah Alotaibi University of Nottingham
33 Safety and clinical effectiveness of triclofos for procedural sedation in children: a systematic review Helen Sammons; Imti Choonara; Badriyah Alotaibi; University of Nottingham
34 How a clinical antimicrobial stewardship team could improve antibiotic use at a children’s hospital Hayley Sommerville1; David Sharpe2; Stephane Paulus2 University of Liverpool1; Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust2
35 A review of medication related information in paediatric gastroenterology out-patient clinic letters Monisha Sahni1; Jeff Aston2; David Terry Aston University1; Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust2
36 Electronic Prescribing: The Development of a Paediatric Drug Database David Terry1; Ebraheem Junaid1; Fiona Reynolds1; Anthony Sinclair1; Neil Bugg1; Alex Terry1; Josh Terry1; Akhmed Hussain1; John Caffrey1; Alice Burridge2; Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS FT1; Aston University2
37 A review of the use of the Trust’s standard parenteral nutrition bags for paediatric patients Christopher Todd
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
38 An Impact Analysis of a Paediatric Antibiotic Surgical Prophylaxis Guideline Hirminder Ubhi; Jeff Aston; Mitul Patel
Birmingham Children’s Hospital
39 Improving communication about antibiotics -an evaluation of an antibiotic prescribing section on a paediatric drug
chart Hirminder Ubhi; Jeff Aston Birmingham Children’s Hospital
40 Morphine as an alternative to codeine after ENT surgery: evaluation of safety and efficacy Andrew Wignell1; Mee Kuan Chen2; David Kendall3 Pharmacy Department, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust1; School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham2; Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, University of Nottingham3
41 Evaluation of the impact of paediatric prescribing teaching for medical undergraduates: a real life prescribing scenario Andrew Wignell1; Don Sharkey2 Pharmacy Department, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust1; Academic Child Health, School of Medicine, University of Nottingham2
42 Standardised parenteral nutrition provision in neonates managed postoperatively for gastroschisis Paul-M. Windscheif; Rhoda Welsh; Kokila Lakhoo; Gillian Rivlin; Kenny McCormick; Oxford University Hospitals
43 Iron infusion therapy with ferric carboxymaltose (FCM) in children less than 14years old Paul-M. Windscheif; Edward Gaynor; Sapthagiri Gantasala; Rhoda Welsh; Lucy Howarth; Oxford University Hospitals
44 An audit of sedation prior to nonpainful procedures in children Jennifer McDonnell; Penny Fletcher Imperial NHS Healthcare Trust
45 Dose omissions on a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit Natasha Patel; Rhian Isaac Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
46 A review of the Trust’s paediatric vancomycin guidelines Matthew Shepherd; Caroline Cole1 University Hospitals Southampton1
47 An audit of the adherence to gentamicin dosing guidelines on a teaching hospital neonatal unit, including the use of
one-to-one interviews to identify barriers to compliance Gurpreet Sondh; Kieran Hand; Amanda Bevan University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
48 What do hospital paediatric clinical pharmacists actually do? Gabis Chana1; Davinder Manku2; David Terry2 Aston University1; Birmingham Children’s Hospital2
49 How do the pharmacy staff view the level of patient safety within the pharmacy? Helen Walker; Andrea Gill Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Foundation Trust
50 An audit of therapeutic drug monitoring in paediatric patients Rubena Begum1; Nicola Husain; Jig Patel2; Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust2; King’s College London2
51 Children’s medicines: what information do parents want to know and are they satisfied with the information they receive Chaitali Patel1; John Weinman2; Emma Kirk1; Stephen Tomlin Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust1; King’s College London2
52 An audit of the compatibility of drug admixtures used for syringe drivers in paediatric palliative care Shumi Ali1; Nanna Christiansen2; Emily Sui3 University College London, School of Pharmacy1; Louis Dundas Centre for Children’s Palliative Care, Great Ormond Street Hospital2; Barts Health3

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A/B1 Diagnosis and management of Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease GORD in children Arun Urs, Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist, Sheffield Children’s Hospital
A/B2 Bugs & drugs in ankle biters : antibiotic choice in paediatric hospital infections Sarah Thompson, Consultant Microbiologist, Sheffield Children’s Hospital
A/B3 Do you need a pharmacist when there is Toxbase®? Astrid Gerrard, Clinical Pharmacist, PICU, Birmingham Children’s Hospital
A/B4 NHS Commissioning: Implications for High Cost Medicines in Paediatrics Judith Gregory, Lead Pharmacist – High Cost Medicines, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (in collaboration with NHS England and Nottinghamshire CCGs)
A/B5 Self / Parent / Carer administration Elizabeth Upton, Paediatric Pharmacist, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
A/B6 Inspiring future pharmacy leaders Bianca Davies, Prescribing Support Pharmacy Technician, NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group
W1 Consultation skills for pharmacy practice standards: Making it relevant for children and adolescents Chris Cutts, Professor of Professional Development and Practice Director, Manchester Pharmacy School
W2 Individualised and standardised neonatal TPN. Can you do both simultaneously? Neil Caldwell, Consultant Pharmacist, Children’s
Services, Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
W3 Paediatric Renal disease Andrew Wignell, Senior Paediatric Pharmacist, Nottingham University Hospital NHS
W4 What pharmacists need to know about looking after children with an Inherited Metabolic Disorder Satwinder Chana, Birmingham Children’s Hospital Dr Saikat Santra, Consultant Paediatrician in Inherited Metabolic Diseases
W5 How to assess liver function in children and what to do about it! Penny North-Lewis, Paediatric Liver Pharmacist,

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