Conference 2016


Parenteral Nutrition: What have we learned? Dr Theo Wong

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Plenary session

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Research session

  • Review and update from NPPG Research Sub Committee Sharon Conroy, Lecturer, University of Nottingham, Chair of the NPPG Research Sub-Committee
  • Feedback from NPPG research grant Steve Tomlin, Consultant Pharmacist – Children’s Services, Evelina London Children’s Hospital & Clinical Reader, Kings College London

Submitted papers

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Parallel sessions

  • Getting the factors right to keep the blood flowing Astrid Gerard, Clinical Pharmacist & Jane Cassidy, Consultant Intensivist, PICU, Birmingham Children’s Hospital
  • Dealing with pain in neonates Gemma Holden, Consultant Neonatologist, Birmingham
    Womens Hospital
  • EnFit syringes Andrew Wignell, Paediatric Pharmacist, Nottingham University Hospitals
  • Learning disability: Are you the voice of pharmacy? Andrew Taylor, Learning Development Pharmacist, Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education and Specialist Paediatric Pharmacist, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital
  • Quality management and Carter implementation Anthony Sinclair, Chief Pharmacist & Parisa Mirbod, Lead Quality Assurance Pharmacist, Birmingham Children’s Hospital

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  • Anti-arrhythmics Anthony Assing, Cardiologist, Birmingham Children’s Hospital
  • The role of medication for paediatric chronic pain within a multidisciplinary approach Dr Helen Neary, Consultant Anaesthetist and Chronic Pain Lead, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital
  • Cystic Fibrosis – transitioning and finance Lucy Paskin, Specialist Pharmacist in Cystic Fibrosis, Birmingham Children’s Hospital
  • Autism Lorraine McAllister, National Autistic Society
  • Perinatal psychiatry supporting mental health teams: An update on prescribing in pregnancy and lactation Akila Ahmed, Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust

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1 The potential for pharmacists to manage young patients attending emergency departments David Terry12; Chi Huynh1; Konstantinos Petridis2; Matthew Aiello3; Anthony Sinclair1; Louis Mazard1; Alex Terry1; Hirminder Ubhi1; Keith Wilson2;
Elizabeth Hughes3 1Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust;2Aston University; 3Health Education England

2 Interventions to improve safety of parenteral nutrition use on a paediatric intensive care unit Aoife Harrington; Sukeshi Makhecha; Sian Bentley; Anja Kollman; Sarah Osborne; Eva Zizkova Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust

3 S.A.F.E. – the positive impact of “druggles” on prescribing standards and patient safety within the neonatal intensive care environment Catherine Bell1; Jennifer Jackson1; Hannah Shore12 1Leeds Children’s Hospital; 2Royal College of
Paediatrics and Child Health WINNER – Special Products Innovation Award

4 Outcome following switch between brand name and generic tacrolimus in paediatric population Peter Foxon; Swetha Vijayan Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust Introduction: Generic preparations of drugs are often cheaper

5 A case report: Dihydropteridine reductase deficiency and the efficacy of replacement with a nutritional supplement from of 5-hydroxytryptophan Satwinder Chana; Rhian Isaac; Harminder Chana Birmingham Children’s Hospital

6 Intervention monitoring in maternity and paediatrics as a strategy to guide education and improve prescribing practice Kelly Tweedie; Helen Haley Royal Stoke University Hospital

7 An audit of the management of resuscitation drugs and trolley contents Mihkel Maidre; Paul McVittie; Rhian Isaac Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

8 Chemotherapy standardisation in paediatric oncology: The Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital (OLCH) Dublin experience Cormac Owens; LesleyAnn Funston; Sinead Keane; Frieda Clinton; Mairead Lee OLCHC

9 Paediatric prescribing: Boosting the basics to reduce errors Benjamin Carter; Rosie Ives1 1Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

10 To give, or not to give… Zoe Lansdowne University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

11 Improving the completion of the medication prescription and administration record on a paediatric ward Emma Barbour; Jenny Hughes; Dianne Gill Northern Health and Social Care Trust

12 An audit on the use and monitoring of azathioprine (AZA) in a paediatric gastroenterology centre. Could NHS England via Specialist Commissioning rules (NHS-E-SPr) be affecting quality of care? Emma Jones1: Octavio Aragon Cuevas12 1Liverpool John Moores University; 2Alder Hey Childrens NHS Foundation Trust

13 An evaluation of vitamin D supplementation to babies on the neonatal unit Razmin Begum1; Jiten Modha; 1Sian Gaze 1King’s College London; Evelina Children’s Hospital – Guy’s & St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

14 Discord between patients’ general practitioner repeat prescriptions and the medication list held by a paediatric CF centre Helen Cunliffe1; Rachel Smith 1Leeds Children’s Hospital

15 Melatonin prescribing audit See Mun Wong Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

16 An audit of domperidone prescribing in children Lauren Williams; Kazeem Olalekan; Caroline Cole; Andy Fox Southampton Children’s Hospital

17 An audit of enoxaparin prescribing and monitoring in child health Chloe Main; Suzannah Hibberd; Caroline Cole Southampton Children’s Hospital

18 An evaluation of paracetamol prescribing across the child health wards to ensure optimal analgesia whilst avoiding toxicity following recent changes to maximum daily doses Sharon Cheung1; Helen Haley2 1Keele University; 2University
Hospital of North Midlands

19 Development of a guideline on management of medicines for patients on a ketogenic diet Anneka Sareen Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

20 PIC study: Prednisolone in children: Prescribing, dispensing and administering prednisolone formulations to children with acute asthma or wheeze Rebecca Venables1; Helen Haley2; Francis Gilchrist2; Warren Lenney2 1Keele University;
2University Hospital of North Midlands

21 The level of compliance with medication reconciliation on discharge for paediatric patients at Hospital Hani Addada; Maria Moss; Joanne Crook Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust

22 Using an elastomeric pump to administer continuous infusions of antibiotics as part of an outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy (OPAT) programme David Sharpe; Claire Crouch; David Porter; Stephane Paulus Alder Hey Children’s NHS
Foundation Trust

23 Tolerability of prednisolone and dexamethasone in children in Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom Fahad Aljebab1; Mofadhi Alanazi2; Imti Choonara1; Sharon Conroy1 1University of Nottingham; 2Gurayat General Hospital, Ministry of
Health, Saudi Arabia

24 Comparison of the tolerability of posaconazole versus voriconazole in children with cystic fibrosis Sian Bentley1; Sukeshi Makhecha1; Siobhan Carr1; Ian Balfour-Lynn1; Jane Davies2 1Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust;
2Imperial College London

25 Can electronic prescribing facilitate safe and measurable dose administration in children? Nigel Gooding; Wilf Kelsall Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Addenbrookes Hospital

26 A journey to improve the safety of IV paracetamol prescribing and administration in neonates and small children Joseph McCann; Anne Burns; Carolyn Neill; Aideen Keaney Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, Belfast Health & Social Care

27 Introduction of oral caffeine rounds on the Neonatal Units Fiona Robertson; Adriece Al Rifai; Jenny Machell Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust WINNER Peoples Poster Award

28 Implementation of clinical pharmacy services at weekends within a tertiary children’s hospital Rachel Smith Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

29 Impact of a medicines facilitation pharmacist on a paediatric ward Nanna Christiansen; Tayyaba Javid; Jasper Thomson; Heather Calvert; Olapeju Bolarinwa Barts Health NHS Trust

30 The effects of introducing electronic prescribing for paediatric chemotherapy using ARIA on prescribing error rates at a Primary Treatment Centre Peter Cook; Andy Fox University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

31 The effect of electronic prescribing on the incidence and nature of paediatric medication errors – an observational study Sattam Alenezi; Helen Sammons; Sharon Conroy The University of Nottingham

32 Pre-go-live simulation testing of new electronic prescribing systems in a specialist paediatric hospital Nazurah Liyana Rajudin12; Kirollos Sourour1; Chi Huynh2; Anthony Sinclair2; David Terry 1Aston University, 2Birmingham Children’s
Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

33 Health information technology and the changing nature of medication errors in paediatric intensive care – a modified Delphi process Moninne Howlett12; Brian Cleary2; Cormac Breatnach1 1Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin, 2Royal
College of Surgeons in Ireland

34 Sucessful introduction of an outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy (OPAT) programme in a large UK paediatric hospital Claire Crouch; David Sharpe; David Porter; Stephane Paulus Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

35 What clinical circumstances prompt hospital nurses to not administer a prescribed drug to paediatric patients? Sunayna Shinh12; Joanna Correa West1; Chi Huynh1; David Terry; Anthony Sinclair1 1Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS
Foundation Trust; 2Aston University

36 A review of asprin discharge documentation in paediatric cardiology S Gage Bristol Royal Hospital for Children

37 A single paediatric centre experience of L-carnitine supplementation in medium-chain acyl-coA dehydrogenase deficiency (MCADD) William Batten; Efstathia Chronopoulou; Germaine Pierre University Hospitals Bristol

38 Pharmaceutical management of Primary Erythromelalgia (PE) (SCN9A) William Batten University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

39 Start Smart: Improving the quality of empiric antimicrobial prescribing at a tertiary paediatric hospital Michelle Kirrane; Rob Cunney; Roisin McNamara; Ike Okafor Temple Street Children’s University Hospital WINNER Special Products Best
Poster Award

40 The effect of a pharmacist-led inhaler technique assessment, education and training intervention on asthma control test scores in a paediatric hospital outpatient setting Michelle Kirrane; Rob Cunney; Roisin McNamara; Ike Okafor Temple Street Children’s University Hospital

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