Paediatric Critical Care

The NPPG PCC sub-group is for pharmacists working clinically within paediatric critical care. The group is intended as a networking opportunity to share practice and to provide support for pharmacists new to the speciality.

The aim of the group is to be made up of at least one named pharmacist for each PCC unit within the UK, and to provide an annual meeting for members.

The link with the paediatric intensive care society is key to multi-disciplinary working and promoting the profile of clinical pharmacy within the PCCU setting. This link is developing and currently mainly concerns NPPG presence on the steering group for the creation of new national standards for paediatric critical care.


  1. To support, promote and advise on delivery of best pharmaceutical care to PCC patients.
  2. To maintain a network and provide a platform for paediatric critical care pharmacy staff to enhance management of children’s medicines.
  3. To represent and champion PCC pharmacy within the NPPG.
  4. To develop and maintain a link with PCCS and encourage pharmacist PCCS membership
  5. To develop educational resources and signpost to resources developed by other providers.
  6. To assist NPPG committee responses to national consultations.
  7. To encourage pharmaceutical research in the area of PCC.


Recent achievements include:

  • Development of a protocol/stepwise approach for a pharmaceutical review on PCC
  • Drive to encourage the use of standard infusion concentrations.
  • Carrying out regular PCC subgroup meetings, at least three times a year.
  • Chloral position statement

Current projects

  • Updating PCC pharmacy staffing standards
  • National framework for standard infusion concentrations
  • Establishing effective and enhanced communication methods between PCC pharmacists

Online message board – members only

Teaching sessions (note these expire 6 months after upload

Chair: Mohammed Abou Daya

Additional named roles within the SIG

Committee members

  • Carol Ann Jones
  • Andrew Wignell
  • Sylvia George
  • Jane Hutchinson-Jones

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