SIG – Rheumatology

We are the paediatric rheumatology pharmacy network (PRPN) team. Octavio (Tavi) Aragon (Alder Hey) chairs this SIG, alongside Clare Nash (Sheffield), Karen Hartley (Newcastle) and Fan Iek Cheng (GOSH).

We are happy to support any members with paediatric rheumatology queries (JIA, JSLE, JDM, Vasculitis, Behcets, CRMO, KD and periodic fevers). We have a NHS networks group where members can post queries and monitor replies if they routinely or ad hoc work with paediatric rheumatology patients- this would be the most efficient way for any members with paediatric rheumatology resposibilities to engage with us. In order to join the network, please access this link Paediatric Rheumatology Pharmacists UK — NHS Networks. We will send you an email when we receive your request in order to accept you into the network.

We aim to organise educational (virtual) meetings on paediatric rheumatology topics regularly (minimum biannually). Invites will be sent to all NPPG members to register their interest in advance to join us if this is of interest to them.

We are all looking forward to working with you to raise awareness of paediatric rheumatology, our challenges accessing therapies and with transfer of care, and support and develop knowledge of management of paediatric rheumatology conditions.