CPPG – Paediatric Chief Pharmacists

The Chief Paediatric Pharmacists Group (CPPG) comprises Chief Pharmacists / Directors of Pharmacy or senior pharmacy managers from leading UK Paediatric Hospitals / NHS Trusts who are committed to working collaboratively on major challenges, innovations and strategic development opportunities relevant to the provision of quality paediatric and neonatal pharmacy services.

The CPPG will work with the Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacists Group (NPPG) to collectively ensure that the needs of paediatric patients are recognised and accommodated as part of the national pharmacy agenda.


The main objectives of the CPPG are:

  • To be the primary point of contact for strategic advice on Paediatric Pharmacy pharmaceutical services e.g. commissioning ambitions, workforce, implications of services designed for adults for paediatric patients.
  • To champion paediatric and neonatal pharmacy services nationally.
  • To share intelligence and information for mutual benefit (e.g. Drug and Therapeutics Committee issues, medicines information).
  • To share information and experiences that will help reduce risk and improve governance. This includes:
    • Clinical governance
    • Staff governance
    • Ensuring best use of financial resources
  • To benchmark services, resources, facilities and organisational structures for mutual benefits.
  • To promote common standards for paediatric and neonatal pharmacy services.
  • To co-operate in the preparation of legislation, policies and guidelines.
  • To work collaboratively to reduce healthcare inequalities within the paediatric population of the UK.
  • Using affiliation link with the Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacist Group (NPPG):
    • To provide direction to NPPG on any national or international priorities or demands (including those raised through the chief pharmacists’ networks) which may impact the area of paediatric and neonatal clinical pharmacy practice.
    • To provide support and advice to NPPG on its developments as necessary to help ensure that the voice of paediatric and neonatal pharmacy is clearly heard.
  • To present a united response to national consultations relevant to paediatric and neonatal pharmacy services.
  • To share best practice and information about research, clinical trials and audit in paediatric and neonatal pharmacy practice.
  • To co-operate in securing appropriate licensed and unlicensed medicines for children.
  • To co-operate in the preparation of patient / carer information about children’s medicines.
  • To be involved in the development and evolution of standards pertinent to paediatric pharmacy practice.
  • For the Chairperson of this group (alongside NPPG chair and professional secretary) to meet quarterly with the Chief pharmacist for England to highlight paediatric pharmacy issues and share information on national service challenges and development.

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