Nigel Gooding

Nigel Gooding; NPPG Vice Chair

Consultant Pharmacist, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Nigel has been an elected member of the NPPG committee since December 2009. As part of his duties he was NPPG Secretary between Dec 2010 and Dec 2016 and have currently been Vice Chair since Dec 2016. As part of his NPPG executive committee Nigel has contributed to the development of NPPG. Roles have included helping with recruitment of pharmacist support to develop paediatric Medusa monographs, as Secretary ensuring that NPPG committee meetings had accurate minutes and organising the agenda for meetings, including the AGM and organising annual committee elections.

In addition Nigel is a member of the NPPG Research and Publications subgroup. Work in this subgroup includes review and adjudication of conference abstracts, posters and presentations and review of applications for the biannual NPPG research award.

Nigel has also been an elected member of the RCPCH / NPPG Medicines committee since 2017 and attends meetings three times a year, providing additional support between meetings for consultation reviews etc.

Nigel has specialised in neonates and paediatrics for almost 25 years, working previously at Ipswich Hospital and Leicester Royal Infirmary. As a Consultant Pharmacist and Independent prescriber he has a particular interest in neonatal pharmacy, safe prescribing and medication safety generally and still has an active role in providing a clinical service to both Neonatal and Paediatric Intensive Care Units. He leads an ever expanding team of pharmacists and technicians to support neonatal and paediatric services at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.