South Central

NPPG South Central Regional Group

Aim of group:

To improve care to neonates, children, and young people throughout the South Central regionby working collaboratively to share knowledge, experiences and develop the role of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians within Paediatrics.

This group hopes to involve all paediatric pharmacy professionals working across the South Central region. It will also be open to those interested in specialising in paediatric pharmacy. 

How this will be achieved:

Initially, the group will meet once every 3 to 6-months face to face. Before the meeting an email (or survey) will be sent out to all members of the regional group with a range of topics with the members asked to vote on which topic they would like to focus on in that meeting (i.e., management of new onset type 1 diabetes). A specialist speaker on the subject will be invited to attend the group and give a talk to the members. (There will also be the option for external and guest speakers from other healthcare professionals).

In the meeting we also hope to cover the following:

  • Current issues facing paediatric pharmacy – such as medication shortages, transfer of care, increasing incidence of certain conditions (i.e., strep A outbreak last year, increasing EDD patients), regional problems.
  • Case studies + discussion
  • Recent research of interest
  • New treatments, NPPG position statements, NICE guidelines etc that are of interest.

Current Members for South Central Regional Group

Chair: Harry Davies

Tin Orchel and Amy Cresswell – HIOW ICB

Tara Rose, Nia Newton and Sarah Prince – Poole Hospital

Louise Pitman, Jodie Williams and Julia Footman – Salisbury Hospital

Bilyana Doncheva and team of 12 (names to be provided later) – Oxford Hospital

Christine Armstrong – Dorchester Hospital

David Annandale and Christian Chadwick – West Sussex Hospitals

Nazeer Padma – Portsmouth Hospital

Helen Leighs – Basingstoke Hospital

Amanda Bevan, Andy Fox, Suzannah Hibberd, Samantha Wilkinson, Melody Chan, Chloe Davies, Nabil Boulos, Kazeem Olalekan, Jessica Hayes, Yin Mak, Dania Al-Rekabi, Caroline Cole, Claire Fosbrook, Rosemary Dempsey – from Southampton Children’s

April 2024 study day programme